Recent video of our services can be found from archived livestreams at our Facebook page:  Bethel Baptist Livestream Video


July 1, 2012 The Right Plan Click for video 
March 12, 2012 The Gospel Pin Click for video 
March 4, 2012 Partnering With God To Reach Our World Click for video 
February 12, 2012 Characteristics of a Committed Christian Click for video
October 30, 2011 Keeping Your Focus Click for video
October 23, 2011 Manifold Grace Click for video
October 16, 2011 How To Behave In Church Click for video
October 9, 2011 Qualities God Will Bless Click for video
October 2, 2011 Living For Eternity NOW Click for video
September 25, 2011 The Lord Is Able To Give Thee Much More Than This Click for video
September 18, 2011 Leading & Following Click for video
July 31, 2011 True Gain

Click for video